The Best Ever Deakin University Open Day

Our professional and dedicated cleaning team received great feedback from the recently held Deakin University 2015 Open Day.

Over 16,000 people attended the event at the Burwood campus on Sunday 23 August. Despite the heavy workload in preparation our team managed to complete all scheduled cleaning tasks to a high standard. All Pickwick crew wore distinguished hi-vis vests so that they wouldn’t be lost in the crowd. Manuel Neto, Pickwick Contract Manager for Deakin University also had a chance to show his musical talent. Positive feedbacks and small ‘thank-you’ gifts were received from several university faculties commenting on the great job our cleaners achieved. “The rooms look fantastic”, “The library presented really well the whole day” and “The cleaners deserve extra credit” were just a few.

Pickwick’s cleaning team showed their wiliness to go the extra mile and provide outstanding service to our highly valued client. We cannot thank them enough. Not only did they help with crowd directions they also noted areas requiring extra attention for improvement. Manuel and Burwood Site Supervisor Eleanor Thompson provided a summary of potential improvements to Deakin with the aim of providing even more effective time management and staff allocation for the next Open Day.

Deakin University Services Manager Spiro Fatouros was very satisfied and passed on his gratitude to Pickwick commenting to Manuel that “This was the best Open Day in years!” Victorian State Manager Tim Broatch also expressed his congratulations to all staff that had shown the Pickwick spirit ‘Count on Us’ to the maximum extent.

Pickwick goes ‘above-and-beyond’ for Brisbane City Council staff

On a recent visit to Brisbane City Council’s Green Square Michael Oakden, Pickwick’s Client Services Manager witnessed one of Pickwick’s long service employees Margaret Hayes enter the Council carpark at 6.45am. After exchanging pleasantries he observed Margaret make her way to a Council employee’s car in the disabled section of the carpark. Margaret opened the rear of the car and lifted out a collapsible wheel chair and securely placed it by the driver’s side door, whereby the person slid across into the chair. When Michael complimented Margaret on her actions she responded “In wet weather we often assist June [name changed] to retrieve her chair and speed-up the process so she doesn’t become uncomfortably wet; it’s just what we do to help.”

Needless to say Michael was delighted to see this level of customer service. He commented “It’s the Margaret’s of this world that make a difference and yet another example of how Pickwick cleaning operatives go ‘above-and-beyond’ without being asked.”

Well done Margaret!