Making the Unseen Visible

Revolutionising Public Health – Resilience to Biological and Pandemic Threats

Pickwick Group partners with SafetySpect

Recently, Greg Luck CEO of Pickwick Group, welcomed CEO and CTO of SafetySpect, Ken Barton and Dr Fartash Vasefi, to Australia. The visit marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between our two companies, whose shared mission to protect people and critical infrastructure is driving much needed innovation across major industry sectors. Addressing clients at venues including the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, ANZAC memorial in Sydney, and Deakin University in Melbourne, Mr Barton and Dr Vasefi presented their revolutionary technology.

Through their demonstrations, SafetySpect addressed important questions brought to the fore in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While organisations have ramped up their cleaning and sanitisation efforts, how do we know if something is actually clean? Is a visual assessment good enough? How can we measure cleanliness? Are there economically viable solutions for businesses and organisations to ensure sanitation and keep people safe?

The existing landscape

Prior to COVID-19, concerns around antibiotic resistant bacteria, norovirus, and food borne illnesses were on the rise. Presently, the primary approach to assessing cleanliness is visual inspection, however, pathogens like poliovirus, influenza virus, and salmonella have all been known to remain on surfaces, even after typical cleaning procedures. While surfaces may give the appearance of cleanliness, pathogens invisible to the naked eye may still be present. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which perceived cleanliness and the measure of actual cleanliness are paramount, visual assessments fall woefully short.

There is demand for solutions to verify sanitation, and some exist, but their economic viability and practicality varies greatly across industries, scales of organisations and scope of use. For example, one of the most widely accepted solutions is swab-based Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence. While available in the market, ATP swab tests are costly and time-consuming. Further, ATP swab tests can only be used for random sampling during cleaning audits and routine testing of all locations becomes prohibitively expensive.

This is where SafetySpect comes in. SafetySpect’s technology provides real-time and reliable detection of harmful contaminants and pathogens at a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies. But what is it? And how does it work?

The CSI solution
Addressing the current unmet need in these markets is SafetySpect’s Contamination and Sanitisation Inspection (CSI) scanner. A world-first, this patented AI technology detects, disinfects, and documents the cleaning process – including biofilms, human saliva and respiratory droplets – all in one compact, hand-held device.

Using fluorescence-based imaging technology, the scanner reveals contaminants invisible to the naked eye, displaying its findings on a screen, or any attached smart displays. The scanner then communicates the findings to a dedicated cloud service, where inspection task lists are assembled, and inspection reports and video/imaging data stored and managed. The cloud service dynamic risk management system uses artificial intelligence to keep track of the risk status of every location requiring sanitisation. It adjusts risk levels based on frequency of use, physical properties, proximity to contamination sources, sanitisation history, and local risk profiles. The AI algorithm constantly interprets data obtained through the scanner, using it to automatically identify spot vulnerabilities, bottlenecks and compliance shortfalls.

How it works

Put simply, the CSI solution performs the following:


  • Scan surfaces with light
  • Illuminate harmful organisms
  • Analyse video scans
  • Locate invisible contaminants
  • Highlight what needs cleaning
  • Colour-code identified threats


  • Create incident reports
  • Manage regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate risks and liabilities
  • Provide scientific proof of cleanliness
  • Automate internal audits


  • Generate AI dynamic risk assessment
  • Ensure SSOP compliance
  • Easily integrate with SSOPs
  • Customise risk response
  • Supply efficient safety verification
  • Provide immediate remediation

SafetySpect also has a range of CSI scanners. The CSI-D+ has the added feature of disinfecting surfaces – neutralising contaminants as they’re identified. CSI-D+ scanners disinfect surfaces in seconds, using a proprietary UV light system with smart sensors to ensure user safety. These scanners provide immediate remediation, and are particularly useful in high-risk environments, such as various hospital settings.

“SafetySpect envisions a new worldwide standard of cleanliness monitoring and resilience to biological and pandemic threats. Our technology mitigates risk by providing evidence of adherence to sanitation protocols that are beyond industry standards in each and every area we serve.”

 Kenneth Barton, CEO of SafetySpect


Example application – healthcare

Each year in Australia, an estimated 165,000 patients will contract healthcare associated infections (HAIs). HAIs are the most common complication affecting patients in hospitals, and are associated with increased morbidity and mortality, increased length of stay, increased resistance to antimicrobials and additional health expenses. The cost is too high when you consider most HAIs are potentially preventable adverse events, rather than unpredictable health complications. CSI scanners offer healthcare organisations a viable solution for monitoring sanitation, particularly across high touch-point areas, and lowering the risk of HAIs. For high-risk areas, where immediate remediation is required, CSI-D+ offers not only instant detection but sanitisation too, using UVC light to immediately neutralise harmful contaminants.

Successful trials of CSI technology within assisted long term care facilities have demonstrated its value within the sector. Within one facility, sanitation auditing was conducted across the main dining area, kitchen, and a resident’s apartment. High touch-point areas were inspected, as when these surfaces are not properly disinfected, residue can remain, creating a risk of contamination between uses. A prep cart was shown to have contamination on it when examined with the scanner, despite there being no visible residue upon visual inspection. A washed chopping board in the kitchen was also found to have contamination on it, as were cupboard handles, and a resident’s walker. After proper disinfection of these surfaces, the scanners showed no contamination, demonstrating how quick and effective sanitation remediation is with CSI technology. Click here to see the scanner in action.

Disrupting the market

CSI technology is a game-changer for the cleaning and facilities management sector; but its implications and applications for industries including healthcare, assisted living, meat and food processing, aviation, hospitality, and retail, shouldn’t be underestimated.

CSI technology not only detects and highlights harmful pathogens, but documents findings for proof of cleanliness, and provides efficient safety verification for risk assessments and compliance purposes. Use case trials for clients across Australia and New Zealand will commence in early in 2023.

“We’re focused on protecting critical infrastructure and people. This ground-breaking technology will revolutionise the industry and aims to address the gap on sanitation standards, at scale and at a level beyond current best practice.”

Greg Luck, CEO Pickwick Group


If you’d like to know more, contact us today via our website at:

If you would like to learn more about SafetySpect’s technology, visit:

Celebrating 40 years

Since 1981, businesses across Australia and New Zealand have relied on Pickwick Group to keep their workplaces clean and safe. On 25 November 2021 we celebrate 40 years of operations and a strong future of continued industry longevity and growth in the post COVID-19 environment.

Happy birthday to us!
Pickwick proudly celebrates 40 years in business and four decades of Experience, Reliability and Accountability.

We commenced operating in 1981 and since then, in line with our business objective, have transformed from a small cleaning company in Brisbane to a leading provider of a wide-range of integrated facility solutions and trusted partner for businesses big and small throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Pickwick has grown and changed along the way and developed an extensive portfolio of local, state and national clients from all industry sectors built solidly over time through relationships, improved operational performance, exceptional customer service and a genuine commitment to delivering sustainable solutions and supporting our People and the communities we live and work in.

Today, businesses everywhere including household names in telecommunications, aviation, banking and finance, education, healthcare and transport Count on us to clean and protect their workplaces through our premium quality cleaning and infection control cleaning solutions, as well as our security, height access and maintenance services.

We do this, always, by staying true to our core values of Accountability, Respect and Integrity, with the support of our 1,000-strong, agile, responsive, and diverse, multi-cultural workforce, a focus on innovation and leveraging technology to enhance the overall client experience, and an unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and corporate and social responsibility.

Count on us.
We wouldn’t be who or where we are today without the collaborative partnerships we’ve formed along the way, and the support and dedication of our People. With that in mind, to commemorate our 40th year in business we’re ‘giving back’ by supporting initiatives or programs that will benefit the communities we live and work in. To learn more about our nation-wide celebrations, our history and the strong future ahead, visit our Celebrating 40 years section on the website.

Pickwick Group welcomes new CEO

Pickwick Group Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Luck as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 6 December 2021.

With over 25 years of experience in senior executive roles transforming businesses across Australia and in more than 24 countries internationally, Greg brings his leadership and strategic agility to Pickwick Group as we celebrate our 40th year of business and at a time of unprecedented changes in the world we live in today.

Greg has held a number of non–executive Board positions both in private and not-for-profit industries and has spent the last 4 years and 9 months as CEO of Help Employment & Training. In this role, he has led a transformation of the organisation resulting in multiple industry innovation awards and positioning the organisation as one of the highest performing businesses in the sector nationally. Greg holds several other awards and accreditations, and we look forward to benefiting from his expertise in the next phase of our transformation journey.

Greg holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor Degree in Vocational Education & Training (B.VET) and in his younger years was a Mechanical Engineering Tradesperson. Greg has recently been awarded the distinction of ‘Certified CEO’ by The CEO Institute and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Greg is known for his Transformational Leadership, his innovation and driving cultural change while managing stakeholder expectations and outcomes. He has been described by his peers as a “visionary, gifted leader and passionate human”; “no mountain too high”; “resonates and motivates all who have the opportunity to work alongside him”.

These are the qualities that resonated with the Pickwick Board and we look forward to growing both our footprint, and product and service offering, in the facility services industry under the leadership and direction he will bring.

Greg is originally from Toowoomba and has lived in several countries overseas before settling in Brisbane with his family in 2017.

We encourage you to read more about Greg professionally and personally via the following links:

We wish Greg a very warm welcome to the Pickwick Group Team.


COVID-19 vaccination – have you had yours?

Pickwick Group supports Australian Government initiatives that aim to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations.

Extended lockdowns in NSW and Victoria and the intermittent short, sharp lockdowns experienced in other States around Australia cause challenges to all our employees in offices and on the front line at our client sites. In light of this, we would like to send this appeal to all Pickwick Group employees.

First and foremost, we support the Australian Government’s campaign for all Australians to get vaccinated and encourage you to ‘take the next step’ and get your vaccine as soon as possible.

Given the nature of our business and the fact many of our clients provide essential services, you may be eligible for priority access to the vaccines. If you work in educational facilities, aged-care, hospitals, healthcare as well as other high-risk settings, we urge you to check your eligibility and book your COVID-19 vaccination.

While COVID-19 vaccines are considered our way out of lockdowns, and the way forward for economic growth and a return to a pre-COVID life, people who are vaccinated can still catch and give COVID-19 to others.

With this in mind, we all need to play our part in protecting the communities we live and work in by following Government restrictions and recommendations appropriate for our States. Regardless of where you live and whether you are vaccinated, there are ways you can continue to minimise the spread of infection, help prevent future lockdowns and support your local economy. Just some of these include:

  • wearing a mask as per recommendations (indoors and outdoors as required)
  • socially distancing in line with recommendations
  • travelling within the recommended areas
  • ordering takeaway meals from your local cafes and restaurants instead of dining out
  • spending less time (not money) in shopping centres and making online purchases from your favourite stores
  • avoiding large gatherings – stick to the recommended numbers when hosting or attending events

Together we can all make a difference. One person at a time, one household at a time, one business at a time. We really are all in this together. Find out more about COVID-19 vaccines and if you are a priority for vaccination.

Pickwick Group says goodbye to CEO Ken Holder

Pickwick Group has farewelled long-serving Chief Executive Officer, Ken Holder.

Following a 13-year tenure at the organisation’s helm, Ken stated “it’s the right time to say goodbye”.

Ken’s decision follows a record year and comes as the company celebrates 40 years in operation.

Speaking at a farewell dinner Ken acknowledged his proudest achievement from a leadership perspective is the People we have brought into Pickwick over the years.

“An exciting future lies ahead, and I am confident in Pickwick’s success going forward because of the talent we have within the organisation today and the degree of collaboration that exists,” Ken said.

“I am privileged to have developed strong working relationships with our people and the directors too – thank you to The Family.”

Pickwick Group thanks Ken for his work as CEO of the company for more than a decade.

While a successor is yet to be formally announced, the Chief Financial Officer, Dwight George will assume the role of Acting CEO supported by the highly experienced Executive Team.

Pickwick wins at recent BSCAA Qld Excellence Awards

COVID-19 may have delayed the BSCAA 2020 Excellence Awards, but it didn’t stop the event from taking place, nor Pickwick Group’s Queensland Division from taking top honours.

BSCAA held their 11th annual Queensland Excellence Awards in February, bringing a formal close to the year that was 2020 and the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

This year’s awards ceremony provided an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding contribution and achievements of employers and employees across the contract cleaning and security industry. It also gave the industry a chance to recognise the additional efforts of individuals, small business and companies during the pandemic.

We proudly nominated a number of hard-working team members for their outstanding services, with Alejandra Ocampo Osorio, Adam Miske and Sid Sehrawat winning their respective categories.

Alejandra’s leadership, can-do attitude and commitment to ensuring seamless services and the highest of standards are achieved at iconic Sanctuary Cove won her the highest accolade for Outstanding Support Personnel in the Industry – Cleaning Industry

Adam and Sid were recognised for their dedication to the security industry, professionalism, client-centric focus and for going above and beyond to protect their clients and local community during COVID-19. Adam secured the Outstanding Security Operator Award, while Sid won the Manager Award.

General Manager – QLD & NT, Michael Ryan congratulated our winners for their hard work and dedication throughout the year, as well as their perseverance in navigating the changing regulatory environment due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Our people demonstrate resilience and excellence in their roles every day, but their response to COVID-19, the associated regulatory changes and, most importantly, clients was nothing short of exceptional, proving you really can Count on us.”

To learn more about BSCAA in Queensland, visit their website.

South Australia proves they are up to the challenge

South Australia proves they are up to the challenge

As the COVID-19 situation in South Australia sparks uncertainty for the state, our teams on the ground have proven they have the dedication and resilience to overcome any challenge.

Since 2004 Pickwick has partnered with Bendigo Bank to provide cleaning and a range of other services for their office buildings and regional and suburban branches across Australia.

Our long-term relationship combined with the hardworking, cohesive and dedicated management and cleaning teams we’ve established at the local and national level recently paid off when we were notified of our success in the Bendigo Bank contract for a further 3 years.

This is a significant retender win for Pickwick and we thank Tim Broatch our General Manager – VIC & TAS and David Egan, Operations Manager who are instrumental in managing the national contract and key to our success in procuring the ongoing contract.

Anthony Babic, Pickwick’s General Manager – SA recently recognised his Bendigo Bank Adelaide Head Office team for their success, achievements and resilience through a testing period of restructure and detailed requirements brought about by COVID-19.

Staff were presented with Certificates of Recognition acknowledging their efforts in maintaining the Bendigo Bank site at the highest of standards. A big shout out also went to the day cleaner who only recently left to pursue further studies and focus on family. We welcome our new day cleaner who has already made a positive impact.

Over the next 3 years Bendigo Bank can count on Pickwick’s team to continue to deliver the quality services we’re known and trusted for throughout Australia. We look forward to continuing the partnership.

Pickwick’s longest-serving employees retire

After almost three decades with Pickwick Group in Queensland, long-serving employees – husband and wife duo Raul and Adriana Capano – have retired.

While most of us are likely to experience 3 employers each decade, Raul and Adriana Capano farewell Pickwick after almost three decades of loyal service – a testament to their high standards and ours.

The couple joined Pickwick in 1992, not long after moving to Australia, where they heard about us through a friend while learning to speak English at college – a simple conversation that resulted in an employment opportunity spanning almost 3 decades.

Chief Executive Officer Ken Holder congratulated the couple on their achievement and years of service.

“Raul and Adriana consistently delivered exceptional cleaning services to many valued clients including QBuild, ANZ, Bendigo Bank and JLL throughout their 28-year tenure.”

“At all times, they embodied the essence of Pickwick through their dedication and strong commitment to professionalism and customer service.”

“On behalf of our Client Services Managers Amanda Blandford, Paul Wheeler and Michael Oakden I want to thank you for so many years of loyal service and wish you both the very best in retirement.”


Security team recognised for commitment to community

A little thank you goes a long way as our Queensland security team will tell you, following the recognition they recently received.  

Our security professionals work hard to safeguard clients, their workplaces and communities across the country and have gone above and beyond in recent times.

COVID-19 has seen workplaces everywhere adapt to new measures designed to fight against the spread of the disease, including the properties and spaces our security officers protect as part of their daily duties.

While our security teams continue to provide traditional services, they have taken on additional tasks to help clients comply with new rules in the COVID-19 environment.

For example, in recent months at a busy shopping centre in Brisbane, Pickwick’s dedicated security team have further protected the community and supported Centre Management by enforcing limits on public gatherings (when they applied), encouraging physical/social distancing boundaries to comply with government guidelines and refilling sanitising stations. They also stepped up as Acting Duty Managers where needed to ensure continuity of operations and trade and worked with the Centre Management team on projects to help tenants through this challenging time.

But it’s the little things that count, with one security officer recently observed demonstrating initiative by sanitising a wheelchair before taking it to the customer.

Doing your job is one thing but going above and beyond is another. That’s why QIC took the time to say thank you on International Security Officers’ Day by awarding Pickwick’s Security Team with a hamper and certificate of appreciation.

Congratulations Carl James – Security Officer (featured in photo), Siddarth Saherawat – Security Supervisor, Benjamin Cassar – Security Supervisor, Adam Miskell – Security Supervisor and Terainuiatea Atirai – Security Officer for your dedication and commitment to your profession and the clients and communities you help keep safe every day.

You can Count on us for specialised infection control and exceptional cleaning and security services. Learn more.

Keeping it safe and clean, behind the scenes

As the COVID-19 crisis unravelled throughout Australia, Pickwick’s network of cleaners mobilised to further protect essential service providers across the nation.

Frontline staff across many industries play a vital role in protecting all of us from the impact of COVID-19 and ensuring the continual supply of essential goods and services. But who helps protect them?

We do.

From hospitals and research laboratory’s, to public transport, shopping centres and schools, many of our clients provide essential services and have relied on Pickwick’s qualified cleaning teams and specialised infection control cleaning services to further safeguard their workplaces, workforce and ultimately their operations during these uncertain times.

Pickwick’s dedicated South Australian cleaning crews have shown clients they really can Count on us to keep their workplaces clean and safe.

In recent months, through preventative and routine touch-point cleaning of offices, medical centres and warehouses, our cleaning specialists have helped lower the risk of infection transmission and disrupted services, while boosting confidence and peace of mind among front line workers and other stakeholders.

They’ve also worked hard to protect our most loved and vulnerable, including at residential care homes across the state, where Pickwick has become an important and welcomed addition to these communities.

Cleaners play an integral role in our daily lives and are essential during times of outbreaks. Follow us on Linkedin to hear more about the work Pickwick’s everyday heroes do in the fight against COVID-19.

For almost 40 years we’ve helped keep Australian workplaces clean and safe. Find out how we can help you or contact us.

Pickwick raises funds and spirits for COVID-19 front-liners

Pickwick Group’s Michael Oakden (Key Account Manager – QLD) recently took on the challenge of raising funds to feed front-line staff at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Michael’s aim was to not only support doctors and nurses at the hospital but other crucial front-line workers including cleaners, laundry workers, maintenance crews, security and administration staff.

In total, Michael has raised over $2,000 to purchase meals from two local cafe/restaurants, further supporting the community and local businesses during these challenging times. Meals are delivered to hospital staff twice a week, with a focus on nourishing night-shift crew who often rely on vending machines for a quick dinner.

Pickwick actively supports local charities and organisations in communities everywhere so when Ken Holder (Pickwick’s CEO) heard about Michael’s fundraising efforts he didn’t hesitate to offer support.

“Our people are genuinely dedicated to helping others during challenging and other times.”

“We saw their generosity during the bushfires not that long ago, so I’m not surprised to see it now during COVID-19.”

“Many of our clients provide essential services and we support them and their workforce through delivery of our services and commitment to ensuring their safety, health and wellbeing.

“Delivering healthy meals – and supporting the local economy at the same time – is simply another way of honouring our commitment.”

“On behalf of Pickwick Group I’m proud to donate $500 in support of the initiative.”

See how we can help your workplace during these challenging times. Read our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy to learn about the difference we make in the communities we live and work.

Keep the ANZAC spirit alive this April 25

Covid-19 and quarantine won’t stop this year’s ANZAC day commemorations. Mark this important day by holding a private dawn vigil.

At 5.30 this Saturday morning, Pickwick employees and their families are encouraged to join Aussies and Kiwis across the globe in a special ‘iso’ dawn service.

While traditional commemorative services are cancelled in line with current health advice, we are being encouraged to mark this important day at home privately and by watching the National Ceremony broadcast live from the Australian War Memorial at 5.30am.

The Returned and Services League (RSL) is also asking Australians to adapt and observe the occasion a little differently this year. Through their Light up the Dawn campaign you can pledge to honour those who have ‘served and sacrificed’ or simply grab a candle then stand in your driveway at 6.00am on ANZAC Day to conduct your own service.

ANZAC Day has a different level of meaning for each of us. For some Pickwick employees is a deeply personal time.

For ideas on running your own service or for more information, try these trusted sites:

Protecting iconic Sydney Ferries and passengers

Pickwick Group and our network of cleaners across the nation are working tirelessly with clients to maintain safe and healthy environments for everyone.

During challenging times, collaboration is the key to improved risk reduction and positive outcomes. Our partnership with Transdev Sydney Ferries (who operate the ferry service in Sydney on behalf of the Government of NSW) is just one example of where we are protecting communities by working together.

Through the delivery of enhanced cleaning procedures for high touch/high risk areas we are helping Transdev create a safer and healthy environment for their workers, passengers and the general public. While delivering this critical service, our people use personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to the level of cleaning required (i.e. where a confirmed case exists, disposable protective coveralls are worn) and adhere to the prescriptive and unique work method statements developed for cleaning and safe operations.

Pickwick, like many other Australian companies, is taking Coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously and as such we’ve taken preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees and clients, their customer and the public at sites everywhere across Australia and New Zealand.

For almost 40 years we’ve helped keep Australian workplaces clean and safe. We thank you for your understanding and support during these uncertain times and encourage you to learn more about our response to COVID-19 and the measures we’re taking.

12th Anniversary of the National Apology to The Stolen Generations

Pickwick Group (Pickwick) attended a special breakfast to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the National Apology.

Today marks 12 years since former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered the National Apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, acknowledging the impact of past laws and practices as well as the Stolen Generation.

We would like to thank our joint venture partner, Pickwick 1A, for inviting us to this special community celebration at Koobara Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Kindergarten & Preschool to commemorate the anniversary.

In addition to Pickwick and their joint venture partner, Pickwick 1A, today’s event was attended by Koobara community members as well as representatives from government and other local organisations.

The National Apology was a significant turning point and from it came a resolve to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

In recent years Pickwick has focused on increasing its Indigenous involvement and creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We commenced our reconciliation journey in mid-2017 culminating in the launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan in November 2017.

From there we established the Indigenous joint venture partnership – Pickwick 1A – a Supply Nation certified majority-owned and operated Indigenous company.

Established in 1974, Koobara offers culturally-responsive programs for the personal development of the diverse children of their community and a safe place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are celebrated. Learn more about the ground-breaking educational services Koobara offers.

Count on us to keep you safe

For almost 40 years we’ve helped keep Australian workplaces clean and safe from unwanted visitors, including germs.

Our cleaning solutions are tested to kill all common viruses as well as lesser-known strains such as 2019-nCoV (also called Coronavirus).

We use only the highest quality, environmentally sustainable cleaning products that are also hypo-allergenic and contain no toxic or harmful ingredients. What’s more, our products are certified and manufactured in Australia or sourced from reputable Australian distributors.

Cleaning products play a big role in controlling the spread of germs, particularly during times of outbreak. But prevention is always better than cure. Here are the top 5 things you can do to protect yourself and others from exposure to illnesses such as Coronavirus.

  1. Hand hygiene: wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use a hospital-strength hand sanitiser if soap and water is unavailable.
  2. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the bin or toilet. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, especially after coughing or sneezing.
  3. Stay at home if you are sick and avoid close contact with others who are sick.
  4. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces (such as door handles, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, lifts, etc.) using 10% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as the sanitising agent @ 100ppm (1 ml per litre).
  5. Visit your doctor if you have flu-like symptoms such as a cough, sore throat or headache.

All of our WMS are in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. For information and expert advice on Coronavirus, visit the WHO website.

Find out why you can Count on us as a trusted and reliable leader in cleaning, security and integrated facilities services.

New National HR Manager appointed

Helen Seddon joins Pickwick as new National HR Manager.

Pickwick has appointed Helen Seddon as National HR Manager to continue driving our next phase of growth through initiatives designed to attract, engage and retain the best talent across our nationwide operations.

Based in Brisbane at Pickwick’s Head Office and reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Ken Holder, Helen will create and deliver unique people and culture strategies and solutions in partnership with the senior executive team and management.

Helen brings more than 20 years’ experience from diverse industries as well as a specific interest and proven success in key areas including industrial relations, strategic planning and business partnerships, HR policy development, legal compliance, workforce planning, and organisational and leadership development.

She previously held senior HR roles for a number of Australian and international companies and has a Bachelor of Business in HR and International Business with further university qualifications in Employment Law.

Helen takes over from Rachael Murdoch, who was appointed Pickwick’s first ever National HR Manager in August 2015. Rachael made a significant and valuable contribution to the business during her tenure. We wish her and her family the very best for the future.

Pickwick a major sponsor at annual TEFMA Grounds Workshop

Pickwick was a major sponsor of the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association’s (TEFMA) annual Grounds Workshop at Deakin University on November 6 and 7.

Last week TEFMA held their 2019 Grounds Workshop. Hosted by one of our major clients, Deakin University at their Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, this year Pickwick had the exciting opportunity to support the annual event as a major sponsor and exhibitor along with delegate attendees. And what a success it was.

More than 60 representatives from Australia and NZ attended the two-day professional development and networking workshop to hear industry contributions on improving campus environments and the campus experience through sustainability initiatives and technology.

As the facilities services provider to numerous primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across Australia, educational spaces are fundamental to our operations. Supporting industry events like the TEFMA Grounds Workshop gives us access to valuable information that helps us stay up to date and ahead of industry developments and supports our continual improvement.

It also gives us the opportunity to catch up with exiting partners and make new connections with like-minded professionals as we demonstrate our capabilities to a broad and engaged audience.

Through our support of TEFMA Pickwick also donated $500 to BrAshA-T to help raise awareness and funds for research. A-T (Ataxia-Telangiectasia) is a rare and complex genetic neurodegenerative disorder. To learn more about their research or donate, visit

You can learn more about TEFMA and Deakin University from their websites.

Pickwick’s people secure top honours at BCSAA Qld Excellence Awards

Pickwick Group’s (Pickwick) Debra Brownhill and Ben Cassar secured top honours in their respective categories at the recent BCSAA Queensland Excellence Awards.

BSCAA recently held their 10th annual Queensland Excellence Awards to celebrate the outstanding contribution and achievements of employers and employees in contract cleaning and security.

This year Pickwick proudly nominated 5 of our hardworking team players, with Debra Brownhill and Ben Cassar securing top honours for their outstanding services.

Pickwick Group’s General Manager – QLD & NT, James Holder, congratulated the two for the hard work and dedication that ultimately led to their wins on the night.

“Although they have very different roles within Pickwick, both Debra and Ben share the same goal – that being to safeguard their clients from harm.”

“As the sole cleaner at the Qantas Joey Club Child Care Centre, Debra plays a vital part in protecting the health and safety of children and their carers, with her attention to detail and work ethic also recently acknowledged by Qantas through a letter of appreciation.”

“Ben works hard in security as portfolio supervisor to protect the safety of his clients and their future.”

“His professionalism, customer centric focus and commitment to quality and continuous improvement has seen him take on new duties in the compliance space and progress his career rapidly since starting with us just over 12 months ago.”

Pickwick would like to thank all our people for the excellence they demonstrate in their respective roles, day in and day out.

We know we can count on you, just like you can count on us.

To learn more about BSCAA in Queensland, visit their website.

Pickwick’s Bilal cleans up at BSCAA Awards

BSCAA NSW held its annual awards ceremony on Friday 11th October to acknowledge and celebrate the industry’s hardworking cleaners, supervisors and managers.

Pickwick Group’s NSW division nominated 5 people across 8 categories in recognition of their dedication and commitment, with our Bilal Fouani winning the Excellence Awards in Maintenance of an Educational Facility.

Nicholas Jenkinson, Pickwick Group’s NSW General Manager, congratulated Bilal on his win, saying Pickwick is incredibly proud of his achievements.

“In his role as site supervisor at UNSW, Bilal has built a uniquely positive client relationship with the facility and asset managers and invests in developing his team to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction and quality standards are consistently achieved.”

“The award is both an acknowledgement and a thank you for the leadership excellence Bilal demonstrates in his role day in, day out. Congratulations from all of us, Bilal!”

Bilal currently oversees 70 cleaners from a diverse range of backgrounds and is known and respected for the exceptional workplace culture he has developed and maintained since starting with Pickwick in 2018.

The BSCAA Excellence Awards are designed to acknowledge the outstanding contribution and achievements of employers and employees in contract cleaning and security. To learn more, visit their website.

Pickwick partner now proudly Supply Nation Certified

We’re proud to announce our partner Pickwick 1A Services is now Supply Nation certified.

Pickwick 1A Services was recently awarded Supply Nation certification in recognition of their status as a First People majority-owned, managed and controlled business.

Supply Nation connects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives with procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to shape and transform the Indigenous business landscape.

To receive and maintain the highly coveted certification, businesses must meet stringent criteria and undergo rigorous ongoing auditing to verify their position as a majority Indigenous owned and managed enterprise and to ensure continuing compliance.

Pickwick Group CEO Ken Holder has welcomed the news as a significant milestone for its partner.

“Pickwick 1A is now one of just a small number of Supply Nation certified businesses within the facilities services industry making real and positive change.”

“By actively supporting reconciliation and putting our First People, first Pickwick 1A is creating sustainable employment, training and supplier diversity opportunities.”

Acknowledgement through certification will help Pickwick 1A Services take the next step in its journey to ‘Close the Gap’ on economic participation and give Supply Nation members peace of mind knowing they are doing business with a business that is genuinely owned and run by our nation’s First People.

To learn more about Pickwick 1A and how they are creating a sustainable wealth and economic platform for our First Nation communities, visit their website.

Visit Supply Nation’s website for information about their certification process.

Recent bushfires spark community spirit

As recent bushfires ravaged through Queensland and northern New South Wales communities, they sparked kindness and generosity among ours, with Pickwick employees donating $900 in urgently needed goods and other items to help those affected by the devastating events.

Upon seeing an urgent appeal for donations from The Rescue Collective and media reports covering the disaster, Jason Geoghegan, Queensland’s Operations Manager (Security), put out his own call for help when he asked Pickwick and its people to give generously to those impacted by the disaster.

And they did.

Within a matter of days our head office, operations team and other staff brought in bottled water, bandages, canned food, medical supplies and other items including gift cards to the value of $250 to provide immediate support to people, pets and wildlife doing it tough.

“All up, our contribution to The Rescue Collective totalled $900 – an achievement Jason and everyone who gave should be proud of,” Pickwick’s CEO Ken Holder said.

“I’m not at all surprised by the response as I know that like Pickwick, you can count on our people to make a difference in their communities, when times are tough and when they are not,” he said.

Pickwick actively supports local charities and organisations in communities everywhere and is committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship. Read our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy to learn more.

To learn more about The Rescue Collective, visit their Facebook page.

Proud sponsor of AHG Ladies High Tea for HeartKids in Western Australia

On 26th July Western Australia Automotive Holdings Group (AHG) Dealer Principal wives and partners, along with friends, family, staff and sponsors banded together to raise funds for HeartKids (refer Craig Tonkin, Pickwick’s General Manager for WA said he was delighted Pickwick was able to join their client and contribute to such a worthwhile cause. As a combined effort more than $30,000 was raised on the day.

The idea of AHG partnering with HeartKids first came about when it was discovered the son of an AHG employee benefited from the support received from HeartKids. It was this support that gave the family strength through numerous surgeries and hospital stays. HeartKids is the only national profit for purpose charity dedicated to supporting children, teens and adults affected by congenital/childhood heart disease and is a separate organisation to the Heart Foundation. Their support is a commitment for life, because there is no cure. People with congenital/childhood heart disease face unique challenges their entire life.

AHG holds more than 180 car and truck franchises at more than 100 dealership locations across Australia and NZ.

Celebrating 2019 NAIDOC Week

With NAIDOC Week celebrations occurring around the nation, it was with the greatest of pleasure our Western Australian staff attended the City of Belmont Flag Raising Ceremony. The event was a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and support the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

This year’s theme of Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future helped further educate our team on issues important to Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Voice, Treaty, and Truth are the 3 key elements to reforms set out in The Uluru Statement from the Heart. These reforms represent the unified position of First Nation Australians.

During the Flag Raising Ceremony our team heard inspiring words from the City of Belmont’s 2019 NAIDOC Community Award winner, Neil Coyne. Neil spoke of his experiences growing up and the importance of educating not only his children, but all children, on knowing and understanding their heritage and learning through participating in cultural experiences.

After formalities, traditional Aboriginal food with a modern Australian fusion twist was showcased. The menu included Kangaroo Sausage Rolls, Kangaroo Arancini Balls, Bush Tomato Tartlets and Wattle Seed Chocolate Slice. Pickwick staff also participated in a smoking ceremony involving smouldering various native plants to produce smoke that has cleansing properties to ward off bad spirits. Craig Tonkin, Pickwick’s WA General Manager said all the team found the event uplifting and there was strong support to attend NAIDOC Week events in future years.

Helping the Environment – The small things can make a difference

We all know about climate change and the importance of sustainability and looking after the environment. There is so much we as individuals and the organisations we work for can do at the local level to support what are global issues. In the cleaning services industry Chemical-free, Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable are all ecological initiatives. Leading by example Pickwick’s CEO Ken Holder makes his own small personal contribution by swapping his car and riding to and from work on an electric scooter when he doesn’t have appointments requiring him to travel. Ken said he bought his own electric scooter late last year initially for some fun and downtime but soon realised he could use it for work since he only lives 5½ kms from the South Brisbane Head Office.

Supporting the Local Community – Kurbingui Sports

Pickwick are pleased to provide a donation of $500 dollars to the Kurbingui Sporting Association. Kurbingui Sports is a non-profit volunteer community association that strives to improve the health and fitness of participants. Working with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth for over 20 years on Brisbane’s north side, Kurbingui has a long association with boxing and is an affiliated member of Boxing Queensland. It has continually been represented in Queensland and Australian boxing titles.

Pickwick wishes Kurbingui all the success for the future as a community sports association.

Pickwick emphasises the importance of staff training

Pickwick cleaners at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank – The Bendigo Centre recently completed their Certificate III in Cleaning Operations. The course is designed to develop a broad range of competencies and skills where participants learn current environmental cleaning techniques with relevant industry practices for preparing and cleaning a range of surfaces like carpets, hard surfaces, wet areas, glass furniture and fittings.

Judith Barlow, one of Pickwick’s Client Services Manager’s in Victoria was ecstatic with the commitment shown by her staff. The training was over a 12-month period and commenced shortly after Pickwick was awarded the contract. Many of the staff have been in the cleaning industry for over 10 years and were pleased to have the opportunity to complete some formal accredited training after commencing employment with Pickwick.

Training was conducted by long-term business partner Stanborough Wemyss Contracting Pty Ltd (SWC Training). The company is a Registered Training Organisation and Human Resources company that operates nationally specialising in workplace-based training programs. SWC has conducted training across Pickwick sites for several years. SWC Trainer/Assessor Paul Andison commented that the enthusiasm shown through the duration of the course by Pickwick staff based at the Bendigo Centre was as good as he has seen. Judith is now busy organising a social get-together for all staff who will be presented with their certificates. Well done and congratulations to all involved.

New Indigenous Pickwick website

Pickwick is proud to announce the Pickwick 1A Services website is now live, see Pickwick Facilities Services & Recruitment Pty Ltd (hereafter “Pickwick 1A Services”) is a majority Indigenous owned Joint Venture with Pickwick Group Pty Ltd. The Company was established to meet the growing requirements by Government and the private sector to engage Indigenous owned and managed enterprises. Initially Pickwick 1A Services will operate alongside and with the support of Pickwick Group and utilise and build upon Pickwick Group’s knowledge, expertise and systems. However, its whole purpose is to be a standalone Indigenous controlled and operated enterprise. The 1A stands for both “First Australians” and the highest of standards. The Company aims to contribute to reconciliation through the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in operational, administrative, and management roles.

Pickwick introduces new Worker Handbook

Pickwick has recently introduced a new Worker Handbook to assist employees when they join our Company. It is intended to help answer the many questions new staff may have when commencing work with us. Along with informing new employees about their employment conditions and responsibilities, the Handbook advises and provides guidance on what to do in various situations that may occur whilst at work. An electronic version of the booklet may be found on this website under ABOUT US \ Employee Information.

The spirit of giving

For the third year in a row, Lynette Pattison, now Payroll Officer, has taken it upon herself to organise the annual Foodbank appeal amongst Pickwick’s Brisbane staff to help those in need at Christmas. For those that don’t know, Foodbank is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation which acts as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry. It was first established in 1992 in NSW and now has a presence in every state and the Northern Territory with distribution centres in all state capitals as well as a number of regional centres.

CEO Ken Holder along with Rachael Murdoch, Pickwick’s National HR Manager were on hand to thank Lynette for the effort she goes to each year in encouraging staff donations. Ken said Lynette’s commitment to Foodbank and desire to help others reflected the true meaning of giving at Christmas.

Pickwick Success

CEO Ken Holder is pleased to announce Pickwick is one of 5 successful tenderers for the NSW Whole of Government cleaning contract. The Company has been awarded the Sydney CBD region which covers a wide range of government buildings throughout the centre of Sydney. These includes museums along with facilities for the police, courts, judiciary and corrective services, and buildings containing education, transport, maritime, tourism, housing, and fire and rescue services.

Nicholas Jenkinson, Pickwick’s NSW State Manager, said he was absolutely delighted with the award following considerable work by members of the Pickwick team over a lengthy period. He went on to say there is still a lot to do from now to when the new contract starts on 1st March 2019 but was looking forward to demonstrating Pickwick’s contract cleaning capabilities.