Santa is in our midst!

Rick Campbell has been an important part of the Pickwick team in Far North Queensland for over 7 years.  However, we have found that he has an alias that only presents themselves over the festive season.  Many years ago, Rick was caring for an elderly gentleman that he became quite close with and has honoured that gentleman by continuing that legacy.  From November, he starts to transform himself by put the jolly in his cheeks and a twinkle in his eye to become Santa Claus.  You must admit, he does look the part.

Rick takes immense pride in his work, and his “get-to-it” attitude has our clients thinking he’s special, and you know Rick, so do we at Pickwick.  We look forward too many more years’ service with you, oh and please pass onto Santa that we hope he has a Merry Christmas and that we have all been well behaved this year.