Sales … it’s not all about being on the golf course!

We all know stories about sales and business development people. Too often they are seen as the glory boys and girls of a business, swanning in late, going home early … and spending far too much time on the golf course. Often when the average person is prompted with “Sales people are …” the words used are not too flattering. But in reality they along with our Client Services & Operations Managers are the back bone of the company and many of us would not have a job if it wasn’t for the dedication and professionalism of our sales people to bring in new work.

Recently Pickwick’s own Business Development Coordinator Daniel Oxley wanted to get some hands on experience of what our Cleaning Operatives do out on the field to obtain a better understanding of the products and services we are able to provide to potential clients.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Senior Client Service Manager Michael Oakden organised Daniel to work alongside our own Tanya Smith whom we might add in a previous feed was the recipient of the Outstanding Individual “Queensland Employee – Cleaning Industry – South East Queensland,” only the best mentor for our Daniel.

Daniel lapped up the opportunity to clean several executive offices and say hello to some of the influential friendly people in Brisbane City Council. Keep up the good work Daniel, and who knows, we may call on you again if the need arises.