Pickwick Senior Management Undertake Cultural Awareness Training

Pickwick recently submitted its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to Reconciliation Australia.  Pickwick recognises to date it has not effectively engaged or partnered with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples.  Consequently, we have begun what will become one of our most significant journeys.  Pickwick CEO Ken Holder says “The whole issue of reconciliation is critical to nation building and though we may be relatively small I believe we have an important and constructive role to play.”

As one of many steps Pickwick senior management recently undertook Cultural Awareness Training through John Briggs (www.johnbriggs.net.au).  The workshop focused on where we are today and where we are headed.  It provided Pickwick’s senior management with the opportunity to explore and discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, people and communities.  Importantly for the Pickwick team the workshop helped deconstruct unconscious bias and other blockers preventing effective practice.  For more information on Pickwick’s reconciliation journey please refer to our first RAP at Pickwick RAP (draft).