Pickwick proudly values cultural diversity

As the proud cleaning contractor to clients like Brisbane City Council and Deakin University in Victoria we share their value of inclusion and embrace multiculturalism in our group. Pickwick has a truly international and multicultural workforce with staff from over 40 cultural backgrounds.

With such a variety of backgrounds, birthdays are made extra special, as experienced recently by Pickwick’s Deakin University Contracts Manager Manuel Neto, whose staff sang the birthday song in 5 different languages! “Memorable moments like this remind us of how fortunate we are to have such an inclusive and multicultural team,” Manuel said.

And this month in Brisbane given that many staff were on leave or doing extra shifts over the Christmas / New Year period, Scott Mackie, Pickwick’s Site Manager at Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Square site decided to host a post-Christmas party on the weekend for his staff. Latin dancing was the order of the day after the BBQ lunch and an enjoyable time was had by all that attended.

As well as enjoying diverse cultural experiences, our employees believe they have a better understanding for co-workers from other cultural backgrounds and are more willing to co-operate with one another. Working in a multicultural environment has encouraged Pickwick staff to share a variety of opinions and expertise which inspires creativity and innovation.