Keeping it safe and clean, behind the scenes

As the COVID-19 crisis unravelled throughout Australia, Pickwick’s network of cleaners mobilised to further protect essential service providers across the nation.

Frontline staff across many industries play a vital role in protecting all of us from the impact of COVID-19 and ensuring the continual supply of essential goods and services. But who helps protect them?

We do.

From hospitals and research laboratory’s, to public transport, shopping centres and schools, many of our clients provide essential services and have relied on Pickwick’s qualified cleaning teams and specialised infection control cleaning services to further safeguard their workplaces, workforce and ultimately their operations during these uncertain times.

Pickwick’s dedicated South Australian cleaning crews have shown clients they really can Count on us to keep their workplaces clean and safe.

In recent months, through preventative and routine touch-point cleaning of offices, medical centres and warehouses, our cleaning specialists have helped lower the risk of infection transmission and disrupted services, while boosting confidence and peace of mind among front line workers and other stakeholders.

They’ve also worked hard to protect our most loved and vulnerable, including at residential care homes across the state, where Pickwick has become an important and welcomed addition to these communities.

Cleaners play an integral role in our daily lives and are essential during times of outbreaks. Follow us on Linkedin to hear more about the work Pickwick’s everyday heroes do in the fight against COVID-19.

For almost 40 years we’ve helped keep Australian workplaces clean and safe. Find out how we can help you or contact us.