On 25 November 2021, Pickwick Group Pty Ltd (Pickwick) proudly celebrates 40 years in business and four decades of Experience, Reliability and Accountability.
Pickwick commenced operating in 1981 and since then we’ve grown from a small cleaning company in Brisbane to a leading provider of a wide range of integrated facility solutions and trusted partner for businesses big and small throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve grown and changed along the way and have developed an extensive portfolio of local, state and national clients from all industry sectors built solidly over time through relationships, improved operational performance, exceptional customer service and a genuine commitment to delivering sustainable solutions and supporting our People and the communities we live and work in.

Today, businesses everywhere including household names in telecommunications, aviation, banking and finance, education, healthcare and transport Count on us to clean and protect their workplaces through our premium quality cleaning and infection control cleaning solutions, as well as our security, height access and maintenance services.

We do this, always, by staying true to our core values of Accountability, Respect and Integrity, with the support of our 1,000-strong, agile, responsive, and diverse, multi-cultural workforce, a focus on innovation and leveraging technology to enhance the overall client experience, and an unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and corporate and social responsibility.

From little things big things really do grow – our history at a glance

With a history that spans 40 years, Pickwick has established itself as a trusted and reliable leader in a wide range of integrated facilities services across Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, we worked hard to deliver exceptional services and cultivate lasting, collaborative partnerships with clients. This led to considerable growth within the cleaning industry, enabling us to expand our service offering and launch subsidiary companies to cater for the additional services including Pickwick Height Access Services Pty Ltd, Pickwick Construction Cleaning Services Pty Ltd and Pickwick Security Services Pty Ltd.

As a result of this operational shift, Pickwick Cleaning Services Pty Ltd was renamed in 1998 as Pickwick Group Pty Ltd and the business name Pickwick Integrated Facilities Services registered.

While expanding our services, we also expanded our geographical reach. Over the decades we invested heavily in all states and territories resulting in a significant increase of our customer base through organic growth.

In early 2016, Pickwick entered the New Zealand market, winning a contract with a well-known and reputable global company marking our expansion into overseas opportunities. As a result, Pickwick incorporated Pickwick Group Limited.

Increasing Indigenous engagement

In recent years Pickwick has focused on increasing its Indigenous engagement. In mid-2017 we started our reconciliation journey which culminated in the launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan later that year. Since then, our most significant achievement was the formation of an Indigenous joint venture partnership known as Pickwick 1A Facilities Services Pty Ltd (Pickwick 1A).

Learn about Pickwick 1A from their website (https://pickwick1a.com.au/)

Four decades in the making

We’ve come a long way since 1981. Today, we specialise in premium quality cleaning and infection control cleaning solutions and offer security, height access and maintenance services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Pickwick also has:

  • site offices in all states to service our clients wherever they are across regional and metropolitan Australia.
  • a 1,000-strong, agile, responsive, and diverse, multi-cultural workforce.
  • triple ISO accreditation which is a key factor to the success of our company (Integrated Management System with comprehensive externally accredited Quality Assurance, OHS, and Environmental Management systems).
  • a strong focus on innovation and leveraging technology to enhance the overall client experience. We always look for ways to enhance quality, safety and service delivery throughout the life of every partnership with our clients. We offer a range of innovative options as part of our service solution, with prime consideration given to applications that increase cost savings, in addition to achieving greater productivity and performance. This extends to a solid infrastructure support extending to Administration, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Training, Quality Assurance and ICT.
  • a commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility. We successfully comply with the principles of ISO 26000-2010 through our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy combined with our extensive suite of policies and company standards. Additionally, we support the communities we live and work in across Australia as much as possible through employment (we actively seek to engage employees locally), community involvement (sponsorship, fundraising), strict sustainability standards within our procurement methodology and our commitment to corporate integrity and an equitable model of service delivery.

Nationwide celebrations to support communities everywhere

To commemorate our 40th year in business and to further embed and support a culture of corporate and social responsibility within our organisation, Pickwick Group has provided a total of $25,000 in financial support for our state divisions to donate to a charity or charities of choice.

Our teams have chosen to partner with the following charities (see the table below) and will donate $5,000 to each in support of initiatives or programs that will further benefit the communities we live and work in.

Division Donation recipient
Queensland and Northern Territory Starlight Children’s Foundation
New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory Black Dog Institute
Victoria and Tasmania Variety, the children’s charity
South Australia Kudos Services
Western Australia Pirate Ship Foundation

Proudly family owned

We’re a proud, family-owned business. Driving our success and steering our company towards a future of growth through good governance, transparency and accountability is our experienced and world-class team of knowledgeable directors who think globally and truly believe that passion, purpose and people (our people and the people we work for) are fundamental to our ongoing achievements.

A strong future through renewed leadership

As we celebrate 40 years, we also welcome the recent appointment of our new CEO, Greg Luck. Greg brings a wealth of experience combined with leadership and strategic agility at a time of unprecedented change for the business and in the world we live in. Along with our Board of Directors, Greg will drive the company’s vision, future innovations, and operational success by further growing our footprint and product and service offering in the facility services industry. This is an exciting time. Learn more about Greg from our website https://www.pickwickgroup.com.au/about-us/news-2/