12th Anniversary of the National Apology to The Stolen Generations

Pickwick Group (Pickwick) attended a special breakfast to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the National Apology.

Today marks 12 years since former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered the National Apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, acknowledging the impact of past laws and practices as well as the Stolen Generation.

We would like to thank our joint venture partner, Pickwick 1A, for inviting us to this special community celebration at Koobara Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Kindergarten & Preschool to commemorate the anniversary.

In addition to Pickwick and their joint venture partner, Pickwick 1A, today’s event was attended by Koobara community members as well as representatives from government and other local organisations.

The National Apology was a significant turning point and from it came a resolve to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

In recent years Pickwick has focused on increasing its Indigenous involvement and creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We commenced our reconciliation journey in mid-2017 culminating in the launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan in November 2017.

From there we established the Indigenous joint venture partnership – Pickwick 1A – a Supply Nation certified majority-owned and operated Indigenous company.

Established in 1974, Koobara offers culturally-responsive programs for the personal development of the diverse children of their community and a safe place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are celebrated. Learn more about the ground-breaking educational services Koobara offers.